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Top Articles- 2006

Anderson P, Petrino R, Halpern P, Tintinalli J. The globalization of emergency medicine and its importance for public health. Bull World Health Organ. 2006; 84:835-9. Click here Brennan RJ, Sondorp E. Humanitarian aid: some political realities. Br Med J. 2006; 333:817-8. Click here

Burke DS, Epstein JM, Cummings DA, et al. Individual-based computational modeling of smallpox epidemic control strategies. Acad Emerg Med. 2006; 30:111-5. Click here

Burkle FM Jr. Population-based triage management in response to surge-capacity requirements during a large-scale bioevent disaster. Acad Emerg Med. 2006; 367:44-51. Click here

Coghlan B, Brennan RJ, Ngoy P, et al. Mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a nationwide survey. Lancet. 2006; 367:44-51. Click here

Dib JE, Naderi S, Sheridan IA, Alagappan K. Analysis and applicability of the Dutch EMS system into countries developing EMS systems. J Emerg Med. 2006; 30:111-5. Click here

DiMaggio C, Galea S. The behavioral consequences of terrorism: a meta-analysis. Acad Emerg Med. 2006; 13:559-66. Click here Kayongo M, Rubardt M, Butera J, Abdullah M, Mboninybuka D, Madili M. Making EmOC a reality - CARE's experiences in areas of high maternal mortality in Africa. Int Gynaecol Obstet. 2006; 92:308-19. Click here

Kupper TE, Schraut B, Rieke B, Hemmerling AV, Schoffl V, Steffgen J. Drugs and drug administration in extreme environments. J Travel Med. 2006; 13:35-47. Click here

Kwak YH,  Shin SD,  Kim KS, Kwon WY, Suh GJ. Experience of a Korean disaster medical assistance team in Sri Lanka after the South Asia tsunami. J Korean Med Sci. 2006; 21:143-50. Click here Leather A, Ismail EA, Ali R, et al. Working together to rebuild health care in post-conflict Somaliland. Lancet. 2006; 368:1119-25. Click here Lee VJ, Low E. Coordination and resource maximization during disaster relief efforts. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2006; 21:s8-12. Click here

Levy-Bruhl D. [Role of antiviral drugs in containing pandemic influenza. Contribution of recent modelling exercises synthesis prepared by the InVS/Inserm "epidemiology" group - November 2005] [French]. Med Mal Infect. 2006; 26:449-53. Click here

Macfarlane C, Joffe AL, Naidoo S. Training of disaster managers at a masters degree level: from emergenccy care to managerial control. Emerg Med Aust. 2006; 18:451-6. Click here

Maitland K, Berkley JA, Shebbe M, Peshu N, English M, Newton CR. Children with severe malnutrition: can those at highest risk of death be identified with WHO protocol? PLoS Med. 2006; 3(12):e500. Click here

Malik ZU, Hanif MS, Tariq M, et al. Mass casualty management after a suicidal terrorist attack on a religious procession in Quetta, Pakistan. J Coll Physicians Surg Pak. 2006; 16:253-6. Click here

Miller KE, Omidian P, Quraishy AS, et al. The Afghan symptom checklist: a culturally grounded approach to mental health assessment in a conflict zone. Am J Orthopsychiatry. 2006; 76:423-33. Click here Mock C, Nguyen S, Quansah R, Arreola-Risa C, Viradia R, Joshipura M. Evaluation of trauma care capabilities in four countries using the WHO-IATSIC Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care. World J Surg. 2006; 30:946-56. Click here Molyneux E, Ahmad S, Robertson A. Improved triage and emergency care for children reduces inpatient mortality in a resource-constrained setting. Bull World Health Organ. 2006; 84:314-9. Click here Moss WJ, Ramakrishnan M, Storms D, et al. Child health in complex emergencies. Bull World Health Organ. 2006; 84:58-64. Click here

Roudsari BS, Shadman M, Ghodsi M. Childhood trauma fatality and resource allocation in injury control programs in a developing country. BMC Public Health 2006; 6:117. Click here

Tanon A, Eholie S, Binan Y, et al. [Medical emergencies related to HIV/AIDS in tropical zones: a prospective study in Cote d'Ivoire (1999-2000)] [French]. Med Trop (Mars). 2006: 66-162-6. Click here Wang LM, Chen YC, Tung SP, et al. The rationale of fever surveillance to identify patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome in Taiwan. Emerg Med J. 2006; 23:202-5. Click here World Food Program. Nutrition in emergencies: WFP experience and challenges. Food Nutr Bull. 2006; 27:57-66. Click here

Yamada S, Gunatilake RP, Roytman TM, Gunatlake S, Fernando T, Fernando L. The Sri Lanka tsunami experience. Disaster Manag Response. 2006; 4:38-48. Click here

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