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A Journal Club Guide to GEMLR


GEMLR is an excellent resource for use in journal club.  Here is a guide to making the best use of GEMLR in three easy steps



 Choose 1 of the 3 types of articles to review

Emergency Medicine Development, Emergency Care in Resource-Limited Settings, and Disaster and Humanitarian Relief. For the first journal club, we recommend selecting the category that is most applicable to projects with which your fellowship/residency is currently involved.  Alternatively, you may select 1 article from each section to provide an overview of the material available.



For each journal club, select 3 articles to review. 

Articles that have been reviewed the past several years are listed here:



For each article, discuss the following


  • What are the take-home learning points from the article?

  • Were there unforeseen challenges while conducting this research?

  • Did the authors experience any ethical dilemmas while conducting the research?  Were there ethical issues encountered that were not discussed by the authors?

  • Are the findings from this article generalizable?  (i.e. can they be applied to other environments)

  • What would you change to improve the research/project discussed?

  • Is the work discussed in the article similar to work your residency/fellowship is doing?  If so, how can you use the lessons learned by the researchers to change your current projects?



Leave us your feedback

 GEMLR is interested in your feedback.  If you think of other interesting questions or ways to discuss GEMLR, please send us an email:

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